• Voices of Memory 10. From the Warsaw Uprising to Auschwitz

The accounts presented in 'Voices of Memory' are the testimony of particular people known to us by name, which is all the more reason to remember that the tragedy of Auschwitz is, at one and the same time, the tragedy of the more than one million victims, and also the tragedy of each individual person.

Autor Helena Kubica
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Seventy years after the outbreak of the military uprising in Warsaw, we wish to remind of the fate of those citizens of the Polish capital city who were deported to Auschwitz II-Birkenau in August and September 1944. There were nearly 13 thousand: men, women and children, including just a few-week-old infants as well as elderly people.
Their route led from Warsaw via the transit camp in Pruszków to Birkenau. In Birkenau they got off the trains at the notorious railway ramp and after registration, were placed in prisoner barracks. The persons transported to Birkenau came from various social environments. They represented different professions such as medical doctors, clerks, workers, artists, and scientists. There were also some Jews amongst the deporteeswho were hiding with the help of fake Aryan documents.

This volume of Voices of Memory is an opportunity to approach the fate of this group of the camp's victims, as well as to present a wider historical perspective related to the Uprising itself, and to the fate of the inmates from Warsaw Warsaw after their evacuation from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Title Voices of Memory 10. From the Warsaw Uprising to Auschwitz
Author Helena Kubica
Number of pages 225
Publication date 2014
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